Professional Civil Engineering -  Florida registered, over 25 years experience.
    Engineering Technicians - Computer Drafting 

    Administration - Engineering Design and Specifications

    Professional Association - Surveyors, Soils Engineers, Traffic Engineers.  

    Site Observation - Permit Coordination.


    Land Planning - Preliminary Plats and layouts - Meetings with Government
                           Agencies - Clients - Forming a Workable site layout Plan

    Prepare Site Plan Construction Drawings
        A. Geometry Layout of facilities and parking and driveways
        B. Grading and Paving Design.
        C. Storm Water Management Design and Analysis
        D. Water Distribution system with fire protection
        E.  Wastewater Distribution system
        F.  Well design for irrigation, fire protection, and potable water use.
        G.  Specification for construction.
        H.  Details of plans.


        A. Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Water and Wastewater
        B. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) - Driveway, Utility, and Drainage.
        C. Florida Water Management District - Storm water permits
        D. County Department of Health Permits for Septic Tank and Drain Fields
        E.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Permits.
        F.  City and County site permits.

    Site Observation

        A. Field observation of site work.
        B. Certification of completion of construction.
        C.  Providing As-Built plans for site work.


    Canon IPF6400 SE - Color drafting Computer Plotter

    Hewlett Packard - Printer - Epson Printer - Fax

    Hewlett Packard Computer,   Dell Computer

    Standard Microsoft 7 Operating System -

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Resource Computer programs
    HEC-1, HEC-2

    Word Processing, AutoCadd and General Administrative Programs

    Custom programming - C++ Computer Language - as needed

H & H Engineering
Orlando, Florida